Registration is Live!

Exciting news! As of today, Registration for QYLC is officially live! The conference will take place February 4th-6th, 2021 and our theme is “Staying Proximate, Staying Progressive, Staying Positive.” 
A few notes: 

  1. Registration has been set at $20/student. Faculty attend for free.
  2. Registration will close on Friday 1/22. Please register by then so that we have time to create groups/individual zoom schedules (a bit of a headache during this new zoom era of conferencing!)
  3. In fact, please register as soon as you can! Through our contact at Custom Ink, we will be sending packages of QYLC t-shirts to each of your schools. They are still backed up from the holidays so the more time they have to process the orders, the more likely it is that you and your students will receive your shirts before the conference. 
  4. If this price is prohibitive for your students, please reach out to Miriam Rock at Our number one priority is to gather as much of our community as possible together for this conference. 

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